Bitcoin address base58 encoding

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Base58Check appends a 4-byte portion of Hash of the binary string as a checksum, then encodes the resulting string in Base Returns a Baseencoded string with appended checksum for a given binary string data. Skip to content. Permalink master.

Blockchain/Bitcoin for beginners 8: Bitcoin addresses, public key hash, P2PKH transactions

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Keys, Addresses

Or a similar statement, how to query all transactions that Sometimes we see that a web page address is displayed normally in the browser, but it is garbled when copied and pasted into the code editor. This is especially true for web pages with Chinese.

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So how To convert a binary number to base 2 n , you start at the least significant end and convert groups of n bits. Since 58 is not a power of 2, converting to base 58 is more involved.

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  • Using base64 would have taken up to 34 characters, so base58 pays a very small price for preventing a class of errors relative to base Base32 would require 40 characters. As noted above, converting between binary and base58 is more complicated than converting between binary and either base32 or base However, converting to base58 is trivial compared to everything else that goes into forming a Bitcoin address.

    The steps, documented here , involve taking an ECDSA public key, applying a secure hash function three times, and appending a checksum.